Previous projects

We bring over 20 years of experience to creative design and solution for each project.
Our goal is to provide our customers with the solution for their needs, create results and build long-term partnerships.

Drøbak, Norway
U10 Electrical 230V Cable in a demolition site inside a old fashioned house at Drøbak

Oslo, Norway

Gällivare, Sweden

Hjerkinn, Norway

Lista, Norway
We were commissioned to build two remote-controlled excavators and a Crusher. The machines were also equipped with a wireless HD camera, and a separate control room was set up to operate the machines at a safe distance.

Svappavaara, Norrbotten County, Sweden
Built remote control on tear equipment (steel jaw) that will «eat» down the chimney. It is all controlled with our own produced crane camera system.

Papua Ny-Guinea
Stainless acid-proof in full HD.

Holmestrand, Vestfold
Delivered and installed a complete video system on the Volvo EC140 demolition machine.

Built a video system and infrastructure for a demolition machine.

HD Crane camera with monitor

Built a simulator for a customer. The simulator is used to train personnel who will perform various risky operations.

Papua New Guinea
Delivered four facilities with 16 HD cameras, operated from a driver’s seat 5km away. This is the world’s largest gold and copper mine.

Vinstra Oppland, Norway
Mounted full remote control on a Komatsu PC340 with Montabert tower for Erling Rolstad AS.

Elkem Bjølvefossen Ålvik, Norway
Rebuilt a 1.5 h Kubota KX41-3, with full remote control and wireless HD video with satellite dish.

Udachny, Siberia
On a non-binding inspection to build remote control on four dumpers and a wheel loader for mining in Siberia. The risk was great due to too much radioactivity down in the mine. But decided with a partner to withdraw from the project.

Kristiansand, Norway
Installed remote control with full installation and infrastructure on the Volvo EC140.

Hjerkinn, Oppland, Norway
Was the project manager and built two remote-controlled excavators and two dumpers. The machines are controlled from a container with a range of up to 3000m.

Baneservice As, Oslo
Designed and built a double sleeper handling clip.
Developed for more gentle installation of new sleepers.

Vingnes, Oppland, Norway
Production and development of demolition robot.

Baneservice AS, Oslo, Norway
Built a rail-mounted excavator ABS TB045.
The machine is approved by the Norwegian Rail Administration.

Hunndalen, Oppland, Norway
Production of drilling equipment in collaboration with Krog Maskin. Delivered 50 units.

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