Welcome to Nullutslipp AS – driving the green transition in practice!
We are a passionate group of professionals with expertise in environmentally friendly technology and innovation. With a strong focus on zero-emission technologies, we continuously work to develop and implement solutions that deliver lasting positive impacts for the environment and society. Our dedicated team comprises experienced professionals, so explore our individual profiles to learn more about who we are and what we’re working on.


Rune Hansen

Rune has experience from the construction industry since 1994 and has customized machines according to customers’ specific needs. His machines and equipment are used, for example, in the gold mines of Papua New Guinea and the mines in Sweden with a special focus on design and building secure, reliable systems for construction machinery.

Senior Designer Engineer

Lars Andersson

Lars is our highly experienced engineer and senior designer. With 30 years of experience in the field, including from the aviation industry (Saab Aerospace in Sweden), automotive industry (Buddy and Think), oil industry (Nemo and KOGT), and construction (OB-Wiik).

Sales & Marketing Manager

Ole Johnny Haugen

Ole Johnny is our customer liaison and marketer. With 25 years of experience as CEO (ACA Always Clean Air), Sales Engineer (Interfil AS), and Marketing Manager (Aebi Schmidt Group).

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